Five Year Miataversary


Five years, fifteen thousand miles. Time flies. 

The car remains a joy to drive. As I anticipated when I bought it, I don't miss the extra horsepower you get in the 2019 and onward model years (aka ND2). That extra power is reportedly mostly at the top of the rev band, an area where I don't spend much time. The joy in this car, for me, is less about going fast than about the ways it engages you in the act of driving. 

Cost of ownership? Here's the math: 

  • Maintenance = $1,057 (basically oil changes, plus an engine air filter and transmission oil change)
  • Depreciation = $500 (yes, Kelly Blue Book says I can basically get what I paid for it!)

This makes the Miata by far the cheapest car to own that I've had, beating out my 2010 Honda Fit. Most of this is down the the crazy high post-pandemic used car prices holding depreciation in check. But that doesn't diminish the joys of simple reliability, which not all newer cars can provide. 

Here's to the next 5 years! 


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