One More Time: My 911 Turbo Auctioned Yet Again

Well, it seems like every few years, my old Porsche 911 Turbo, the one that started my whole "interesting depreciated cars" adventure, gets resold on the car auction site, Bring a Trailer (BaT). And here we are again.

When I sold it there back in 2016, it was the first 911 Turbo from the 996-era (2001-05) Turbo that had ever been listed for sale on Bring A Trailer (at least, that's what they told me at the time, tho it looks like a red one may have beat mine by a couple weeks). Since then, there have been lots and lots sold on BaT. 

I bought this car in 2014 for $38k with 50k miles on it, sold it in 2016 on BaT for $45k, and then watched it be sold again in 2020 for $42.5k, and then for $64k in 2022

But it seems like the appreciation bubble may have burst. Today, in 2024, after 9 owners and 71,000 miles (which means that it has only put on 21,000 miles in the past 10 years!), the auction bidding reached $54,000 but did not meet the seller's reserve price. I'm sure the seller is disappointed, but it looks like prices for these 996-era 911 Turbos may be drifting down, at least for cars that are not "single owner, low miles, pristine" examples. 

That said, I think at $54,000, this car would have been a real bargain. It has been well-maintained, consistently driven (but not too much!), fast even by modern standards, and is a lot more "analog" than most current Porsches. And I still miss that all red interior. 

Here's hoping we get to see this one on BaT again someday! 


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