Model Year 2001 vs. 2002

Putting a pin in this very informative Rennlist post, where the rumors that the 2002 had a reworked suspension are put to rest.

2002 model year added:
  • Lockable glove box (Map pocket below steering wheel deleted)
  • Cup holders & larger AC vents ("Together with the integration of a new cup holder, the centre vent has also been re-designed. The cross-sectional area has been increased by 20%, which improves interior ventilation.")
  • Bose (analog) sound system standard [but not yet the fiber optic digital Bose that appeared in 2003 and is much harder to refit to a modern unit!]
  • Flat non-glossy buttons, light switch
  • Redesign instrument cluster with on-board computer (former 259) standard
  • Hollow wheels (lighter then solid wheels -15 lbs)
  • Different seat and memory functions, changes to the alarm system, and PCM differences
  • Optional X50 package added 
UPDATE: adding a pin to this even longer Rennlist thread about the topic, which seems to come to consensus that the 2002 cars were made structurally more rigid, after all. 


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