Road Trip: Paso Robles

A weekend of wine tasting in Paso Robles was our first long drive outing with the Corvette. Approximately four hours each way, dodging the rain on the way down, about 500 miles roundtrip.

Lesson #1: No more overheating! The fix appears to have worked. We were in stop-and-go traffic for a good portion of the trip down, and while the temp gauge rose to ~200, it was stable there even in this worst-case scenario. 

Lesson #2: While the car is happy cruising at ~70 mph, the wind in the cabin gets a bit loud and tiring after two plus hours. Putting the top up was a big help. From now on, I'll keep earplugs in the glovebox if I'm going on a multi-hour freeway drive with the top down. Oh, and probably a scarf if it's not warm out.

Lesson #3: This car is a pure joy on a sunny day, driving amidst vineyards, cruising from winery to winery. Ideal use case found!

Also, the wine was great (Denner, Law Estate, Pai Sur Terre, Turley). But that's a subject for a different blog... 


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