Sunday Drive

Beautiful day, long weekend, seems just the time to take a drive. Even better with company. So I was joined by a 1963 Alfa Romeo Guiletta. Which I was even lucky enough to drive for a spell.

The Corvette and the Alfa couldn't be more different. The Alfa is the proverbial go cart. Tiny, nimble, delightful in a corner. So simple, so direct, so connected. The Corvette handles in a decidedly nautical fashion, in comparison. But, on the other hand, the 5.4l V8 bellows "'MURICA!" and hauls ass in a manner that the pretty Italian can't quite manage.

I enjoyed driving both of them tremendously.  

Despite Memorial Day Weekend traffic, we managed to get in a pleasant 50 mile round trip. First we tried for Pacifica, but got trapped in traffic. Then detoured for Skyline Drive, only to be stopped by traffic again. So we called it a day and came home via Skyline Boulevard, with stops at Fort Funston and Twin Peaks Summit. 


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