S550: RTFM


My car didn't come with the official paper Operator's Manual. A quick search on eBay, however, turned up a set (including case) that I picked up for $35. 

This was a bit of an extravagance, since PDFs of the Operator's Manual and COMAND Manual are available online, and the car also has an extensive "digital operator's manual" built-into the infotainment system. In fact, the "digital operator's manual" contains a lot more information than the printed paper manual (which is stuffed with unnecessary safety warnings that the lawyers probably put in there). Nevertheless, when you've got a new car packed with as many features as the S550, reading the printed manual is an easier way to get an overview than perusing any electronic version. (The electronic versions, however, are fantastic as word-searchable references.) 

UPDATE: So it turns out that nearly none of the 2015 S550 cars came with the paper manual for the COMAND system, thanks to some kind of problem with the printing that year. Of course, it is available as a PDF from the Mercedes website, but I went ahead and had one custom printed, just because it's nice to have in paper form. And I sent for spiral bound, so it lays flat when open. :-)


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