S550: Third and Fourth Things Fixed

More little things.

When washing the car, I noticed that the rear edge of the roof rain drip rail was loose. 

Pulling it up a little, I noticed that one of the clips holding the black trim rail to the roof had broken. The clips look surprisingly delicate, and I suppose failures are to be expected on a delicate part exposed directly to the outdoors. Here's the broken one, next to the replacement: 

Total cost for the replacement clip, including shipping = $14.08.

I also had to replace one of the switches in the driver's door window control unit. Looks like the thin plastic at the side of the switch broke, allowing the switch to come loose. 

The entire window control module comes out easily and can be replaced for about $200. Fortunately, however, there is an eBay seller in China who sells just the plastic buttons themselves. They are cosmetically and functionally identical (even down to the privacy screen stencil). 

The new button pops right in, problem solved. Total cost for the part, including shipping = $24.65.


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