My Porsche 911 Turbo Gets Sold Yet Again


Here we go again! My 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo just sold on Bring A Trailer for...wait for it... $64,000! I'm stupefied. 

Just to remind everyone, I bought this car on eBay in 2014 for $38,000. I then sold it on Bring A Trailer in 2016 with 55,000 miles for $45,000 (which sounds like I made money, but not after you include the maintenance). That buyer then sold the car in 2020 for $42,500 (he also put in quite a bit of maintenance). That second buyer just sold the car at 62,000 miles for $64,000. Wow. That fellow got a real windfall, since most of the big maintenance items were paid for by myself and the guy I sold it to. 

I'm sure the price is partly due to the general insane run-up in car prices (plus, Porsche has currently halted all new car production as a result of the war in Ukraine). Also, part of the run-up is because this era of 911 Turbo has been criminally undervalued for many years, mostly due to the weaknesses of the non-turbo versions from the same era, which have a different and problematic engine. 

Nevertheless, I predict this one continues to appreciate. The older it gets, the lower the mileage will seem (since none of the owners appear to put many additional miles on the car; the car has only added 7,000 miles in the past 6 years). And the more time passes, the more people will value the car's "analog" qualities (hydraulic steering, manual gearbox, smaller size, fewer electronic nannies). Plus, the red interior is both rare and a wonderful match for the black exterior.

I'm honored to have been its custodian for a brief time. I sure can't afford it now! 


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